Professional Bicycle Fitting

Get fitted by an expert for the best ride imaginable.

What is a bicycle fitting?

A bicycle fitting is the synchronization between a rider and their bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe ride imaginable. At Reser Bicycle Outfitters we have certified Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) fit specialists on staff.

Who needs a bicycle fitting?

Everyone who rides a bike needs a fitting! The bottom line is that your equipment must fit in order to be comfortable, perform well and prevent injury. Because there are only three points of contact with a bike (hands, feet, seat) and each point of contact is as important as the next, all three are addressed equally during our fittings. A properly fit bike will provide an amazing riding experience that can take you to the next level, wanting to ride farther and longer. Likewise, an improperly fit bike can affect the comfort and efficiency of your ride to the extent of dampening your enthusiasm and joy for riding.

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Why do we fit bicycles to riders?

Honestly, because we want you to enjoy cycling more than you thought possible. Most cyclists have fallen in love with the sport without the benefit of properly fitting equipment or instruction. Many live with the misconception that bicycles are not meant to be comfortable. Because cycling is the unique relationship of rider and equipment; your bike should feel like an extension of your body. At Reser Bicycle Outfitters, we have the equipment and the training to help you get started the right way, or to improve upon your existing fit.

We observe and are trained in the Serotta International Cycling Institute method of fitting, which takes fittings to a more advanced and accurate level based on years of observations and refinements at the Institute. It facilitates efficiency of movement and the ability to generate power and speed. It allows you to more easily breatheand deliver oxygen to your muscles. When properly positioned on a bike, you can more effectively balance, stabilize and handle your bike. The body and bike become one. Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable on their bike – and a bike fit can make that happen.

To scheduling a fitting:

To provide you with the personalized attention necessary to give you the best fit possible all of our fittings are performed by appointment. To schedule, please call: (859)261-6187. We look forward to bringing you comfort and peak performance.

What to bring:

  • Your existing bike
  • Cycling shorts
  • Shoes/pedals
  • Gloves

Attention New Cyclists:

If you are new to cycling and do not have shorts, shoes, etc, no worries! Just let us know when you make your appointment to allow us some extra time to help you select your gear. By the way, if you have not yet tried a “clipless” pedal system, your bicycle fitting is the perfect opportunity to do so.