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From simple fixes to complete rebuilds, bring your bike to us for all of your service needs.

It's obvious that bicycles ride best when finely tuned. Everyone knows that loose brakes are dangerous, but there are other aspects of a bike that should be routinely checked. Poorly adjusted shifters can cause the chain to skip. Loose or improperly adjusted bearings can cause damage to a bike. But worry not, regular Tune-Ups address these issues. Included are cable and chain lubrication, adjustment of the brakes, bearings, shifting, and wheel truing.

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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Tuneup Services

Comprehensive Bicycle Tuneup* $69
Adjustment of the brakes, derailleurs, hubs, headset, bottom bracket, and minor truing of wheels in a truing stand (tensioning of wheels or major flat spot correction extra). Derailleur hanger aligned properly. All bolts are checked for tightness and the chain is lubed. 

Comprehensive Tune Up & Bicycle Cleaning* $109
Same services as the Basic Tuneup with the following additions: 1. Drivetrain parts (chain, derailleurs, crank, and cogs) are taken off the bike and cleaned. 2. Wheels are fully trued laterally and radially.

Major Overhaul* $199
The bike is stripped to the bare frame and everything is cleaned. Everything is reinstalled, lubed, and adjusted. New bearings, cables, and cable housing are installed. Wheels are fully trued laterally and radially. Cost of parts extra. Winter Price (October 1st through February 28th): $169

Free Adjustments & Inspection: Return your new Bike to us within the first 200 miles or 90 days (whichever comes first) for our free inspection and tune-up adjustments. It is imperative that this be done for the continued efficient operation of your bike and to protect the warranty. For one year from the date of purchase, you can enjoy free adjustments and tuning. For ongoing service, we offer discounted Overhauls and Tune-ups from September 1st to February 28th each year for bikes purchased from Reser Bicycle Outfitters. If your bike service is kept up to date with us our and your parts are also purchased from Reser Bicycle Outfitters, you are entitled to complementary tune-ups, adjustments, and derailleur realignments for the rest of the season. (If tuned or overhauled September-December, until the end of the following year. If tuning is completed In January or February, free tuning lasts until the end of the year)

Bottom Bracket Overhaul $39
Plus cost of parts if necessary

Hub Overhaul $29
Plus cost of parts if necessary

Suspension and Hydraulic Services

We do Suspension Service In-House.

Fox Shox, RockShox, X-Fusion, Marzocchi and Manitou Forks and Rear Shocks
Price determined by model and level of service. Typically $85 plus $30 for removal and re-installation.

Dropper Seatpost Installation and Adjustment

Price determined by model

Derailleur Services

Derailleur Adjustment $13
Each derailleur

Derailleur Adjustment or Install and new cable $20
Each derailleur plus cost of cable

Wheels, Tires, & Brakes

Brake Adjustment $12
Each brake

Hydraulic Brake Bleed $26
Each brake
Hydraulic Brake Clean & Flush $32
Each brake
Hydraulic Line Install $39
Each brake

Brake Adjustment and new cable $15
Each brake plus cost of cable

Flat Tire Repair $10
Plus cost of new tube Just $5 if off the bike!

Wheel Truing $14
Basic truing; tensioning and correction of flat spots additional

Tubular Taping $30
Plus adhesive tape. Basic taping on a reasonably clean rim

Tubular Gluing Road Tire $40
Gluing on a reasonably clean rim. Includes glue. 

Tubular Gluing Cyclocross $65
Gluing, taping and just about welding that tire to the rim.

Wheel Re-tensioning $20
Setting correct tension in loose and tight spokes

Spoke replacement $20
For one spoke, discount for multiples. Plus cost of spokes

Wheel Building $69
Lacing a spoked wheel and proper tensioning using a tensiometer

Assembly & Disassembly

Box a Bike $70
We do a darn good job on getting your bike ready for shipping. Partial disassembly and pack for shipment, ready for you to send.

Properly Assemble and Tune a New Bike (bought elsewhere) $70
We’ll do everything your new bike needs to be properly assembled, adjusted, tuned and safe.

  • Not Responsible for repairs left over 30 days
  • Repairs on dirty bikes can be more
  • Repairs on Department Store bicycle are generally limited to a cost of $45.00 without deposit.
  • Storage charges accrue one week after completion of repair.

Parts & Supplies In Stock

Here at Reser Bicycle Outfitters we carry an endless number of parts in stock. That means we have everything for your everyday maintenance, tires and tubes, lubes, cables, bearings, chains and pads to the more exciting new components like wheels, cranksets, pedals, forks, shifters and frames too! Our goal is to keep you rolling whether you are commuting to work, cruising around town, hitting the trails and jumps or wearing out the pavement.

As a Campagnolo Pro Shop we not only have all of those upgrades you’ve been wanting, we also stock everything that is needed to rebuild your everlasting Campy shifters!